Cognac ABK6

Ein vielfach preisgekrönter "neuer Name" in der Welt des Cognac ist dieser Hersteller, dessen seltsamer Name auf den Eigentümer zurückzuführen ist: Francis Abecassis liest sich wie "ABK6", wenn man Franzose ist!

Über sich selbst schreibt er auf seiner Homepage: "A lover of vineyards from an early age, my cognacs are remarkable for their exceptional taste & quality.This has been demonstrated by the multitude of awards received inthe international competitions we have entered.


I am surrounded by a top class team who pay the strictest attention to details to guarantee your pleasure when you purchasse our Cognacs.

The production process is perfectly controlled from the vineyard through to the bottling line and provides you the guarantee of complete mastery of both quality and regularity."

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