Armagnac Cerbois

Simple tastes better - this is how one could describe the motto followed at the house of Cerbois. In 1972, the double distillation process, as is customary for cognac, was also admitted for armagnac. Since then, most producers have switched to this technique, which produces distillates lower in alcohol that mature much faster in the barrel.

Cerbois, on the other hand, decided not to follow this trend and continues working with the traditional method as they realised that the single distillation produces twice the amount of aroma-providing substances (aldehydes and tannins). Moreover, armagnacs of this kind have a stronger flavour, and to achieve this, Cerbois readily accepts the longer aging period. To make sure that in spite of this, the armagnac does not acquire a wood taste, the company relies on the old method of "redouellage" during that one or two staves of old barrels are periodically replaced with new ones. Only wines of the Folle Blanche grape variety are used as base wines - a sensitive, but when used in armagnac highly aromatic grape.

Nothing is added: no caramel, no sugar, no colorant - this is the reason why the colour of the VSOP is a very light yellow and its taste is so full of character as nature intended. We offer you the approximately 6-year old VSOP and the 20-year old XO from Cerbois - so your choice is easy!

Tip: Enjoy this armagnac as a companion to a bar of good chocolate - an absolute treat!
Armagnac Cerbois
Armagnac Cerbois X.O.
50,90 EUR
72,71 EUR per 1 ltr
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