Armagnac Chateau de Laubade

Just as Hennessy is the market leader in cognacs, Château de Laubade is the leader for armagnac and the benchmark in superb brandies. Ch‚teau de Laubade is located in the heart of the Bas-Armagnac region, where the best Eaux de Vie are distilled. 107 hectares of own vineyards with the four varieties Ugni Blanc, Folle Blanche, Colombard and Baco form the basis of this armagnac. Since each of these vines has its own specific character, they can "compose" very different flavours at Château de Laubade.

The speciality of the company are the vintage armagnacs: In more than 2600 barrels (!) the vintages from 1886 to today are stored and, like all brandies from Château de Laubade, waiting to delight the gourmets one day on the table of an excellent restaurants. It is impossible to list the countless awards that Château de Laubade has received for its exceptional quality: It would fill several pages. Therefore: Simply try this armagnac - and you might find out what you always wanted to know about armagnac ...

In France, people say that a person must be over 40 to understand armagnac. Well, that's debatable, even though the author of these lines happened to be exactly 40 years old when he began to really appreciate the armagnac.

Château de Laubade received the following awards: Gold at the Concours Général in Paris in 1986 and in 1990, silver in 1994, bronze in 1997, and the Cep d'Or d'Armagnac in 1996! Château de Laubade is the market leader as far as vintages are concerned. We tried the vintage of 1950 and were simply overwhelmed. No cognac of the same age could compete with this almost massive force of its aroma (smoky, spicy) and taste, but we do not want to hide the fact that an old cognac might be more complex in its flavour and longer in the finish. In any case, it is no wonder that old armagnacs of this quality can be considered a truly perfect complement to a cigar.
Armagnac Chateau de Laubade
Armagnac Chateau de Laubade Extra
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