Calvados Daron

It is well known that you cannot compare apples with pears. One can, however, squeeze both, allow them to ferment and fill them in barrels - thus obtaining calvados.

Like most other manufacturers, Daron also uses a few percent of pears, which give the calvados its large variety of aromas. However, unlike is the case with mass-produced calvados, Daron is uncompromisingly committed to quality in all stages of the production, which already begins with the selection of the apples (and pears). Only traditional varieties of apples from three farms in the north of the Pays d'Auge are used.

This diligence is continued during pressing: Only 650 litres of must from the first apple pressing (as opposed to a yield of 950 litres in industrial processes) are fermented to cider. The distillation takes place immediately after fermentation is completed, and only the central part of the distillate is processed further and filled in small, old barrels that release only little tannin and preserve the clear, bright colour.

The result is a mild, fine calvados, the 5-year old "fine" version of which primarily excels by its exceptional fruitiness. As a typical digestif, the 18-year old XO offers elegance and finesse with aromas of prunes and nuts (please use a brandy snifter for the XO). Daron is the best selling higher-quality calvados in the U.S. and is currently listed in the First Class of Lufthansa.
Calvados Daron
Calvados Daron X.O. carafe
49,90 EUR
71,29 EUR per 1 ltr
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