Cognac A. E. Dor

As in paradise - so that's how feel the cognac connoisseur in AE Dors cellars when he enters "Le Paradis": the place at which the oldest and most costly Cognac is stored. In this regard, no other producer can compete with AE Dor, because they own the largest stock of very old cognac.

In addition to its own land of about 10 hectares of the two best "crus", a further 80 hectares of contracted suppliers deliver Cognac for Dor. Thanks to the vision of company founder Amédée-Edouard Dor, the enterprise bought
old distillates before the great phylloxera disaster (some even origin from the year 1805).

The main focus of the sales market for the very old Grande Champagne cognacs from Dor are today's leading hotels and restaurants all over the world (and private collectors).
Cognac A. E. Dor
Cognac A. E. Dor No. 11
1.350,00 EUR
Cognac A.E. Dor No. 5 Louis Philippe 1840
6.990,00 EUR
9.985,71 EUR per 1 ltr
Cognac A.E. Dor Prince Albert 1834 30%
7.990,00 EUR
11.414,29 EUR per 1 ltr
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