Cognac Bouju

With uncompromising adherence to traditional craft techniques, Daniel Bouju Grande Champagne Cognac produces the absolute top class, whose hallmark often seems to be an unusually intense brick-red color.

The wines of their own stock are distilled and then during the ageing process filled several times in barrels of different size and age whereby the evaporating portion is refilled with the same old cognac - an unusually costly procedure. Legendary are the extensive holdings of old Cognac: in the cellars, the 17-fold of the annual requirement. is stored. A very special product is "Bouju Royal" - a distillate with not less than 60% alcohol and therefore the strongest spirit we have to offer.

The "Wine Enthusiast" wrote in 2001: "A subtle, but confident and totally dry bouquet that has Grande Champagne plastered all over it; while I admire the bouquet, I passionately love the flavor... an unforgettable brandy experience." (The Spirit Journal, June 2001. 96-100 points -Highest Recommendation).

This means: best recommendation! A tip from us: please only enjoy while sitting.
Cognac Bouju
Cognac Bouju Extra
89,90 EUR
128,43 EUR per 1 ltr
Cognac Bouju Tres Vieux
139,00 EUR
198,57 EUR per 1 ltr
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