Cognac Courvoisier

Napoléon wanted to conquer the world. Today, we all know the outcome of that: Waterloo! But in some respect, he did complete his mission: All over the world, people drink "Napoléon" from Courvoisier because Courvoisier as former cognac suppliers to Napoléon are actually entitled to using this name (even though this designation as a brand name is being used by many imitators). In any case, one age bracket of cognac is referred to as "Napoléon".

Founded in the early 19th century, Courvoisier is today one of the largest manufacturers and exports into over 160 countries around the world. And this despite the fact that the company does not have its own vineyards and runs "only" two distilleries. However, the huge demand for distillates is covered by approximately 1200 winegrowers that supply both fortified wines and young distillates, or also old cognac.

The cognacs from Courvoisier have been awarded many prizes: for instance a gold medal in 1986 for the XO, which also earned the company the 1994 Cyril Ray Trophy.
Cognac Courvoisier
Cognac Courvoisier Erte No.7  La Part des Anges
600,00 EUR
800,00 EUR per 1 ltr
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