Cognac Delamain

In 1759, James Delamain moved from Ireland to Jarnac, the original home of his ancestor Nicolas Delamain before the latter had once left for Great Britain.

This might be the reason for the "feeling" for the taste of the British - in any case, Delamain has produced cognacs since 1762 (at the time still under the name "Ranson & Delamain") with a very characteristic light colour and elegant dryness. On the island, this "aristocratic" note has been appreciated since time immemorial, and therefore Delamain, in continuation of the old tradition, still affords itself the luxury of offering no cognac that has been stored in old barrels, which hardly release any colour and tannin, for less than 25 years.

And especially delightful: If one takes the age and the fine quality of these cognacs into account they are certainly very reasonably priced. Therefore you don't have to be of noble birth to allow yourself this pleasure. Cheers!
Cognac Delamain
Cognac Delamain 1959
690,00 EUR
985,71 EUR per 1 ltr
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