Cognac Gourmel

A brand with an almost legendary reputation! Even though the company has only been in business since 1979, Gourmel has made a name for itself among connoisseurs by consistently focussing on the creation of special flavours.

To achieve this, only cognacs with very distinctive aromas are purchased and blended only with others of the same vintage after storage to ensure that the particular structure of the cognac is expressed by its scent. This idea is also reflected in the melodious names of the varieties: "Age du Fruit", "Age des Fleurs" and "Age des Epices".

Almost exotic is the method used at Gourmel to reduce the alcohol content of the cognacs to a drinking strength: 50% of the distillate is gradually diluted with distilled water - just like any other manufacturer does. The other 50%, however, consist of water that is slowly "enriched" with cognac!
Cognac Gourmel
Cognac Gourmel Age des Epices
189,00 EUR
270,00 EUR per 1 ltr
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