Cognac Hardy

Anthony Hardy was originally a Scottish wine and spirits distributor with an office in London. At some point, commuting between London, Edinburgh and the cognac warehouses in the Charente had probably become too much for him: Anyway, in the middle of the 19th century, Hardy settled as "Antoine" in the town of Cognac, bought vineyards and, in 1863, founded the distillery A. Hardy.

His cognacs became a much sought-after product in England and even more so in the Russia of Tsar Nicholas I - with the Tsar personally his best known customer. To this day, the House of Hardy, with its 60 staff members, is run by the family (already in the 5th generation). The annual production of 1.5 million bottles, however, no longer comes from their own wines but wines from bought fortified wines, which are distilled and stored at Hardy's. Hardy is thus able to respond flexibly to the respective wishes of its customers and create very distinct cuvées, which still meet the taste of cognac lovers all over the world (in more than 40 countries). One does not have to be a tsar to enjoy like a king!
Cognac Hardy
Cognac Hardy Noces d'Or Romantic Decanter
175,00 EUR
250,00 EUR per 1 ltr
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