Cognac Hennessy

This cognac firm, which today processes 8% (!) of the French wine harvest to cognac, was founded in 1765. Hennessy have always been pioneers as far as marketing of the cognac is concerned: For example, in 1865, they invented the well-known division into age groups, which are identified by stars, and also, in 1870, the "XO" grade, which to this day is produced and marketed in a decanter that has not been changed since 1947.

Today, an average of 230,000 barrels of cognac are stored in the cellars of the company, and if you wish to understand why "a lot" can also be "good", then you should try the famous XO from Hennessy, part of which is composed from almost 100 year old distillates.

On the occasion of the year 2000, Hennessy delivered the probably most famous "Millennium Cognac": The "Timeless ", a cuvée of eleven of the best brandies of all times, produced in an edition of exactly 2000 bottles, which you can almost only find at collectors today. Its successor is the no less exclusive cognac Hennessy Ellipse.

Cognac Hennessy
Cognac Hennessy Paradis
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Cognac Hennessy Richard 90er Jahre refill bottle
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4.271,43 EUR per 1 ltr
Cognac Hennessy  No. 1
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