Cognac Hine

Today, the business is managed by members of the family in the 6th generation at the headquarters of the company. The history of the house of Hine began in 1791, when a 16 year old exchange student from Beaminster in Dorset travelled to Jarnac and stayed there. Actually, it should be mentioned at this point that his stay was not entirely voluntary: Just when Thomas Hine wanted to return to England, the war broke out and he found himself unwittingly in the castle prison of Jarnac.

It seems that he got off lightly, because not much later, he voluntarily gave up his freedom once again and got married. Conveniently, the woman he had chosen was the daughter of cognac producer Delamain, and Hine and his wife inherited half of the company including a property in the Charente. This amazing career from student to the owner of a highly successful cognac company has been summarised in a charming way in an official text given out by the Hine company today: "He would discover not only the secrets of the French language but also those of both love and distillation."

The new company was renamed to "Thomas Hine & Co." and, over the years, evolved into a globally known company, the high quality standards of which continue to be valid to this day. Thus, for example, new barrels are first rinsed with hot water and then with cognac before they are filled with the new distillates that are stored in them for eight months. Further maturation takes place in older barrels, and the content is gradually reduced with distilled water to drinking strength already during storage - a particularly gentle dilution method. Only once the optimal maturation has been achieved, the assemblage takes place after which the cuvee is harmonized further in small barrels for up to a year.

It is not least to this diligence that "Thomas Hine & Co." today owes the status of purveyors of the British royal family.
Cognac Hine
Cognac Hine 1988
449,00 EUR
641,43 EUR per 1 ltr
Cognac Hine 1981
490,00 EUR
700,00 EUR per 1 ltr
Cognac Hine 1948
1.490,00 EUR
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