Cognac Kelt

Once around the world - that should be the motto of this cognac. There are indeed many original ideas how to improve a product, but what Kelt does with cognac is really quite incredible.

But let's start from the very beginning: It took me seven years to finally get in touch with Kelt and thus to ensure the opportunity of purchasing this cognac directly. What at first may sound more like a type of beer, is actually the name of the Swedish founder Olev Kelt. In 1987, he began using a revolutionary taste refinement technique, which he already knew from Aquavit: The barrels are transported on ships over a long period of time.

As early as the 19th century, people had noticed during the transport of barrels overseas that the cognac had acquired a much more mature taste. The movements of the ship, combined with the maritime climate and constant temperature changes resulted in a remarkable taste refinement making the Cognac much smoother!

Today, Kelt sends ALL its cognacs from the Grande Champagne in barrels on a voyage by ship for about 90-100 days, which takes the cognac once around the world, so to speak. The barrels are only filled to about 70% so that the contents have plenty of room to move. Before their departure, they are sealed by the authorities. The result is sensational: Cognacs from Kelt have been picking up more medals than any other product, and Paczensky mentions as many as five of the sorts listed below on his list of "unsurpassable" cognacs. Only the VSOP gets a "worse" rating from him: Very good! And he could not try the Christopher Columbus, because it was not yet available in Germany. XO and Petra are the cognacs for that a new award had especially to be invented at the IWSC: Platinum!

The beautiful decanters of the XO and the Petra are replicas of decanters used on old ships, which should not tip over even when the sea is rough. Well then: Skol!

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Cognac Kelt
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