Cognac La Gabare

Hunters of lost treasures - do they really exist? The C14 method, which is normally employed to determine the age of dinosaurs, is used by a quality fanatic to determine scientifically and to certify very officially the age of his cognac stocks. Now who would do something like that?

Jean Grosperrin began his career in this industry as a broker and wholesaler, who naturally had the best contacts with the cognac farmers. During his work, the thought entered his mind that it was a real shame if the best brandies were often lost in a blend of a major corporation. And the best brandies were often dozing in the farthest corners of the cellars, waiting there for several generations to be discovered by someone who knows how to appreciate such treasures.

Jean Grosperrin focussed his entire attention to these family treasures when he set out to create his own product line: La Gabare "Cognac de Collection" is the sum of experience of a cognac lover and expert as is rare to find even in the Charente. Each cognac here has its own story that is written on the bottle, nothing is blended, no sugar and no caramel added. You will hardly find any other cognacs that express their respective area and their very own character in such a pure manner.

In 2001, Mac Andrew from Torula News visited Jean Grosperrin - here is his report: "Once you enter Jean Grosperrin's house, you immediately realize that besides Cognacs, it is a house of free spirits, artists and personalities. Jean Grosperrin started his bottling collection in October 1999. He writes: A broker in eaux-de-vie plays a very discreet yet strategic role, between producer and the buyer, his job is to evaluate the quality of the eaux-de-vie and to introduce interested parties to each other. These family treasures are very rarely found for sale and the transactions are very confidential. It is these Cognacs, very atypical with strong personalities that I seek to obtain in all the delimited without blending them with others, in their original barrels, or glass demi-johns for the oldest ones."

If you now also feel like going on a treasure hunt: Search here and experience a real quality adventure. Since we import directly, we offer very competitive prices. Some of the vintages are available exclusively in Germany at! Discover your passion for collecting truly rare cognacs. Many of these exquisite products have more than 40-42% alcohol. Often, the cognac was diluted only minimally. So you can also use a little water to dilute, but this is not really necessary. However, it is certainly fun to add up to about 25% water (still) and thereby determining its ideal drinking strength yourself. At the same time, you thus receive up to 1.0 litre of cognac at the price for 0.7 litre.
Cognac La Gabare
Cognac La Gabare Fins Bois 1975 50,8%
only 199,00 EUR
284,29 EUR per 1 ltr
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