Cognac Petit

Small but powerful - ... that's how you can describe André Petit: Actually "petit" translates as "small" in English, but this cognac is one of the truly great: Of all the cognacs that are "composed" from several crus, this is one of the most successful blends. No wonder, considering that Petit used to be a brandy supplier for Hennessy.

The company's history begins in 1850 when an ancestor of the present owner, Jacques Petit, bought a vineyard and, with the help of his cousin who worked at Hennessy, built a distillery. Until 1965, André Petit, the father of Jacques, was one of the hundreds of suppliers that sold brandies to Hennessy. But then something happened that Mac Andrew described as follows in the Cognac Book: "He got the entrepreneurial bug". The result will delight every Cognac lover today, as Petit cognacs are excellent brandies.

In all Petit cognacs, one can truly feel the so-called "cellar note" or the signature of the cellar master: very aromatic brandies full of character. The secret of this quality, which reminds me of the best Hennessey's of the early years, lies in the excellent condition of the soil of the vineyard, which is located roughly between the Grande and the Petite Champagne. For this reason, Hennessy have been paid a price fitting this quality for the Petit brandies since the nineteen thirties.
Cognac Petit
Cognac Petit X.O. Hors d Age
349,00 EUR
498,57 EUR per 1 ltr
Cognac Petit Hors d'Age Reserve Familiale
1.190,00 EUR
1.700,00 EUR per 1 ltr
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