Cognac Prunier

Luxury for everyone - that's what Prunier offers. "Luxury", because many a cognac from Prunier is purely and simply among the best in this price range that we can offer you. "For everyone", because for example the XO is actually, as far as its price is concerned, a real bargain - people may forgive us for using this word in connection with cognac.

First and foremost, Prunier is actually not your typical cognac producer: No own vineyards, no distillery. So what's left then? The answer is: the purchase of unmatured cognac, storage, blending and marketing. And these are precisely the things mastered at Prunier in a perfection rarely seen.

Firstly, the purchase: 300 - 400 hectolitres from the Fins Bois (60%), the Petite Champagne (15%) and the Grande Champagne (25%) form the basis for the Prunier cognacs. The brandies are stored for an average of 10 years in old Limousin oak barrels, and the art of blending the many individual brandies to one cuvée is celebrated at Prunier to such perfection that the experts have time and again awarded the result with medals: a gold medal for the XO during a competition in San Francisco and a silver medal for the 20-year old cognac at the famous "International Spirits Challenge" in 1999 in London. The brandies from Prunier are classic in nature and do not follow the trend toward "light" cognac: Dark colour, strong flavour (except for the XO - which is a noble class of its own!).
Cognac Prunier
Cognac Prunier 1967 / 2021 54 years Grande Champagne
490,00 EUR
700,00 EUR per 1 ltr
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