Cognac Ragnaud-Sabourin

If you are one of the few people who still believe that cognac is only for men: Ragnaud-Sabourin has been run by women for decades, and today, Denise, Annie and Patricia Ragnaud-Sabourin manage the company.

Since 1850, 50 hectares of own vineyards in the Grande Champagne have provided the basis for a cognac about that we prefer to remain silent in awe and instead rather quote the "Gault et Millau": "There is a winery where cognac has been produced for generations that many connoisseurs consider the "nec plus ultra". "L'amateur de Bordeaux" has the following to say: "Nobody and nothing equals the aroma of 35 and 45-year old cognacs", and also the renowned German magazine "Der Feinschmecker" recommends the Ragnaud-Sabourin in its 10/98 issue on page 182.

In the French star restaurants, this cognac (together with Léopold Gourmel, for example) is "standard" so to speak, however, with the consequence that the prices (as at Gourmel!) are not exactly "bon marché" ...

At this point, we wish to let you know our own assessment of the quality: Of course, you might think now, we will also praise this cognac to the skies. Well, that's true! When the author of these lines tasted his first Ragnaud Sabourin, he had the feeling of having missed something before. Even cognacs at twice the price of the "Réserve" do not always have that certain something ... The best way to describe this cognac - and this is really true for all the qualities that you can find here - is by two simple words: elegance and perfection. Try it and you will know what we mean.

Cognac Ragnaud-Sabourin
Cognac Ragnaud-Sabourin Paradis
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