Cognac Remy Martin

No, you won't find the well-known VSOP that you can buy at the supermarket around the corner at our company! Not because it is bad: On the contrary, the Fine Champagne VSOP from Rémy Martin is something like the VSOP per se. However, you can of course buy quality craftsmanship instead of an industrially produced mass-product for the same money.

Since we do not run a supermarket and also do not want to compete with one, we have included the better cognacs from Rémy Martin in our range: the "XO", the "Extra" and the legendary "Louis XIII".

These are 20-50-year old cognacs of the highest class made from distillates from the Grande and the Petit Champagne that you will not find at the supermarket. Nevertheless, I cannot resist making a personal observation: The best-known does not necessarily have to be the best, but is often the most expensive. Rémy Martin does not produce cognac - they buy cognac, blend it and sell it! So once in a while, be sure to try a cognac from one of the numerous wine growers that supply Rémy Martin - you'll be surprised what you can get for the same money when you buy directly from the producer!

Cognac Remy Martin
Cognac Remy Martin Louis XIII
only 2.250,00 EUR
3.214,29 EUR per 1 ltr
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