Cognac Voyer

The vineyards of Voyer are located between the idyllic villages of Verrières and Ambleville. In the eyes of many cognac connoisseurs, precisely these vineyards are the best for producing especially harmonious, but at the same time strong cognac. This region is called the "Golden Belt of Cognac".

Francois Voyer is proud of being one of the 2% of private distilleries in Cognac that do not use major distributors for marketing themselves: "Every stage of the production is in the hands of my family - from the vineyard and the distillation through to the marketing."
And what the Voyer family distils is of the top quality. The area in the Golden Belt of Cognac, where Voyer's vineyards are situated, strongly resembles the region of the Champagne, because the soils are composed of chalk and clay layers (hence the name Grande Champagne).

Among experts, Voyer is considered "one of the best cognacs of Grande Champagne (Planate XO, le Magazine du Cognac, April 1998), and you can find the cognacs from Fran
çois Voyer in the best restaurants in France (Alain Ducasse, Lucas Carton, Laurent). Michel Gillet, who owns the world's largest collection of cognacs, says: "Voyer is certainly not necessarily one of the best known names, but certainly one of the best cognacs!"

Cognac Voyer
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