Shipping & payment conditions

All prices include 19% VAT!

Delivery to europeean countries: BE, NL, GR, FR,GB ,DK, AT, IT, ES, PO, RO, FI (tax!), LI, LU, IE, PL, CZ, HU, SK, EE, SE, LT. Shipping costs 18,90 EUR one bottle + 3,00 EUR each additional bottle. Shpiping to Switzerland: Please contact us!

Shipping to Lithuania and Estonia: maximum order is one bottle!

Payment by bank transfer in advance. Our account number will be sent by mail. Delivery IMMEDIATELY after money is booked

Please use our shopping cart for Your order (or contact us directly).

Shipping to other countries than listed above (USA, GB, Japan and many more): Please ask for our conditions!
GB: You will have to pay British VAT + about 7,5% import tax and some fees (12 £ for a value of 300 Euro). You will save German VAT which is 19%.

Online dispute resolution: The European Commission offers a platform for online dispute resolution (OS):