The best cognac

"The number of our envious confirm our capabilities."
Oscar Wilde

"Le paradis" - this is how cognac producers call the part of the cellar where the oldest reserves are stored. Our "paradise" offers the best cognac we tasted.
Cognac Font Borne Plénitude Très Vieux
only 159,00 EUR
227,14 EUR per 1 ltr
Cognac Fillioux Reserve Franz Keller
269,00 EUR
384,29 EUR per 1 ltr
Cognac Royer Grande Champagne 38 years
399,00 EUR
570,00 EUR per 1 ltr
Cognac Pierre de Segonzac Ancestrale
445,00 EUR
635,71 EUR per 1 ltr
Cognac Hine 1957
790,00 EUR
1.128,57 EUR per
Cognac Voyer Hors d Age Decanter
890,00 EUR
1.271,43 EUR per 1 ltr
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