Whisky Springbank

Whiskey has been distilled in Campbeltown since 1591! Today, Springbank is one of the few distilleries in Scotland that are still run by the original family (Mitchell).

Hardly any other malt whiskey is traded at such high level and is so difficult to obtain, and one can say that Springbank is THE legendary whiskey per se. Why? Very simple: Try it! My personal impression of the 15-year old Springbank is the following: I was actually very cautious in my expectations, because it is precisely the highly acclaimed and expensive spirits that are (artificially?) held in small quantities that often disappoint you. The Springbank is a real exception in this regard: Already its aroma is of wonderful abundance (sweet fruits and honey, or rather: it smells like a whole bucket full of mead), and the taste is overwhelming. Jackson quite deservedly awards the 15-year old Springbank outstanding 90 points: powerful and of incredible length, complemented by a unique, gentle warmth. Please do not dilute!
Whisky Springbank 30 years 44,1% Hunter & Laing
1.490,00 EUR
2.128,57 EUR per 1 ltr
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